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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishannoyancean‧noy‧ance /əˈnɔɪəns/ noun  1 [uncountable]ANNOY a feeling of slight anger syn irritation A look of annoyance crossed her face.to somebody’s annoyance To his annoyance, he discovered they hadn’t waited.in annoyance Kelly shook her head in annoyance.2 [countable]ANNOY something that makes you slightly angry Alan found the constant noise of the traffic an annoyance.
Examples from the Corpus
annoyanceThis quilt is an annoyance, requiring two steps for what should be a one-step process.It's such an annoyance to have to drive you everywhere.He looked at me with curiosity and annoyance.Serena is torn between her sisterly love and her annoyance with Stella's aggressive insecurity.Small problems can be major annoyances on a long trip.My annoyance with Michelle was gone.Added to this is the vibration caused by heavy goods vehicles and the annoyance of air traffic suffered by all city dwellers.I like to stay up late most nights, much to the annoyance of my girlfriend.The meetings were held in secret, much to the annoyance of some members of Congress.Some are oversensitive, which leads to annoyance and casts doubt on readings which might not be inaccurate.Smoking is a tremendous annoyance to non-smokers.in annoyanceHe looked in annoyance at the hostess.
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