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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishannoyedan‧noyed /əˈnɔɪd/ ●●● S2 adjective  ANNOYslightly angry syn irritated, → angry I’ll be annoyed if we don’t finish by eight.be annoyed at/with somebody She was annoyed with Duncan for forgetting to phone.be annoyed about/by something He was annoyed by her apparent indifference.annoyed that Mr Davies was annoyed that the books were missing.see thesaurus at angry
Examples from the Corpus
annoyedUsually silent, but has twangy trumpeting note and will hiss or snort when annoyed.He was annoyed at being caught in the wrong.And I got really annoyed at the manipulation of the young, and the godfathers who are sitting free today.He looks annoyed, but then on seeing that the victim has the only chair, he curbs his irritation.Everyone is annoyed by the constant noise of the construction project.Mike gets annoyed if anyone goes in his room when he's out.He becomes annoyed or discouraged if corrected too often.Sandra was very annoyed that I was late.Other staff said she seemed annoyed to discover that Mrs Fribbins had wet the bed.Professor Johnson was annoyed when I told her my paper was going to be late.Meg was annoyed with me because I forgot to stop and buy bread on my way home.And she was annoyed with them for knowing so much, she had begun to feel safe in the hotel.annoyed thatOliver was annoyed that Angelina had deliberately chosen to sit next to Sir Thomas.I was just annoyed that he'd chosen to do it while I'd been away.Maybe I was just annoyed that his friend tagged on and mucked it up.Although he had hardly expected anything else, he was annoyed that his wife was out.She sent me questioning looks, evidently annoyed that I let myself be teased.Arsenal boss George Graham is annoyed that it took so long for him to be told about Limpar's current ankle injury.Peace Alliance supporters, and the Communists in particular were annoyed that the opportunity for a joint candidature had been lost.If we acted pleased to see each other instead of annoyed that the relief did not arrive sooner.
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