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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanomalya‧nom‧a‧ly /əˈnɒməli $ əˈnɑː-/ ●○○ noun (plural anomalies) [countable, uncountable] formal  UNUSUALsomething that is noticeable because it is different from what is usual In those days, a woman professor was still an anomaly.anomaly in various anomalies in the tax system
Examples from the Corpus
anomalyPohnpei is an anomaly - it's a Pacific island without a beach.He was an anomaly down to his very genes.The contradictions and anomalies in the 1954 scheme were obvious.One such charming and dated anomaly is that a school like Burleigh can be bought.When corrections are made to take account of these differences in crustal density the magnitude of gravity anomalies is significantly reduced.Whenever observations emerged that did not fit the mechanistic model, they were dismissed as insignificant anomalies.But on one such mission they came across a startling anomaly.There would be a return to all the anomalies that the old rating system caused.
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