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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanonymityan‧o‧nym‧i‧ty /ˌænəˈnɪməti/ noun [uncountable]  NAME OF A PERSONwhen other people do not know who you are or what your name is Every step will be taken to preserve your anonymity. One official, who spoke on condition of anonymity (=he would only speak if his name was not told), said the White House took the threat very seriously. the anonymity of city streets (=you do not know anyone, and no one knows you)
Examples from the Corpus
anonymityThe telephone used to give callers anonymity.Most employees labor in tiny cubicles within a culture that craves anonymity and silence.If at second glance you deem him a dud, you can slip back into anonymity and leave him to the barflies.I see three important constituent elements of the digital realm becoming more evident every day: malleability, anonymity and connectivity.This account helped the inclusion of anonymity for the rape defendant as well.After years of anonymity following her victory in court, McCorvey began to champion the abortion rights movement in 1984.Specifically the Heilbron Report did not recommend similar anonymity for defendants in rape cases.Such is the brutality of war, and the anonymity on which it feeds.Laws protect the anonymity of the rape victim.All their names, however, have been changed to preserve their anonymity.
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