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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanotheran‧oth‧er /əˈnʌðə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner, pronoun  1 MORE/EXTRAadditional one more person or thing of the same type I’m going to have another cup of coffee. There’ll be another bus along in a few minutes. Buy two CDs and get another completely free.another of Is this another of your schemes to make money? Not another word was spoken. Oh look, there’s another one of those birds. This misunderstanding is yet another example of bad communication (=there have already been several).another 2/10/100 etc (=an additional amount or number) We’ll have to wait another three weeks for the results. There’s still another £100 to pay.2 DIFFERENTa different one not the same thing, person etc, but a different one They must have returned by another route. We finally moved to another apartment. I’m busy right now. Could you come back another time? Helen resigned from her last job and has yet to find another.another of The gold watch was a present from another of his girlfriends.from one ... to another She spends the day rushing from one meeting to another.3 one another4 one ... or another5 one after another6 not another ... !7 be another thing/matter8 and another thing9 MORE/EXTRAsimilar person/thing used with the name of a well-known person, thing, event etc to mean someone or something else that is similar because they have the same good or bad qualities warnings that not enough has been done to prevent another Chernobyl There’ll never be another Elvis Presley.GRAMMAR: SpellingAnother is written as one word: There must be another way of doing it. Don’t write: an other
Examples from the Corpus
another 2/10/100 etcJust as he finished dealing with that, another two containers arrived ...Production is planned to continue for another two years. 7.The line continued beyond there for another two miles, up three self-acting inclines to the quarries.This was the famous gun that could put a shell on to a target and then another two on the same spot precisely.We hitch-hiked home in the storm, and another two hours went by before we finally made it back.The artist will soon release 50 bottles at spots near San Francisco Bay while consigning another 100 for launching around the world.Karsten Manufacturing laid off 125 employees last year, with another 100 leaving on their own.We watched him for another 10 minutes before he moved off into the woods where we could no longer see him.from one ... to anotherConsiderable skills are required for the management of change - skills which are not necessarily transferable from one environment to another.I went from one to another.They were continual concrete evidence of the sleight of hand which had conjured me from one world to another.The sense wire would wind from one core to another. current to an individual core via the X and Y wires.Players rotate from one position to another, even sharing the quarterback spot.And this question varies from one circumstance to another, from one state to another.There were crowds of people herding from one pub to another like wildebeest in the rainy season.Perhaps they had thought such a warning from one soldier to another might have seemed an impertinence.