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antant /ænt/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 HBIa small insect that lives in large groups2 have ants in your pants
Examples from the Corpus
antHow damaging are ants to plants?You can see families on outings alongside the drive below you, looking like ants at their own picnic.A million red ants crawling inside a silk sheet, that was what I should have seen.In spite of all we could do, several snakes died as a result of the ant bites.
-ant-ant /ənt/, -ent suffix [in nouns and adjectives]  XXsomeone or something that does something a servant (=someone who serves others) disinfectant (=substance for killing germs) expectant (=expecting) pleasant (=pleasing)
Examples from the Corpus
-anta disinfectantan assistant
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