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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanti-Semiteanti-Se‧mite /ˌænti ˈsiːmaɪt $ -ˈsem-/ noun [countable]  HATEsomeone who hates Jewish peopleanti-Semitic /ˌæntisəˈmɪtɪk◂/ adjective He made a few anti-Semitic remarks.
Examples from the Corpus
anti-SemiteIn spite of his attributes, he believed that witchcraft was running rampant and appears to have been an anti-Semite.Oh, now he gets on his high horse and accuses me of being an anti-Semite!There is one allegation that could never be made against Harold Wilson: that he was an anti-Semite.What if, for example, she were an anti-Semite?As noted in chapter 4, its action program originally was based on pamphleteering and letter-writing to persuade anti-Semites of their error.And now he has been put down, made to seem anti-Semitic, by a probable anti-Semite.He had no evidence - nothing but an anonymous letter which might easily be the work of some anti-Semite.
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