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anti-tankˌanti-ˈtank adjective  PMWan anti-tank weapon is designed to destroy enemy tanks
Examples from the Corpus
anti-tankI couldn't have stopped him with an anti-tank gun.Bathore is armed to the teeth, from pistols to anti-tank guns looted from the government.He also sought exceptions for anti-personnel mines used in wartime, and for those protecting anti-tank mines.More like a bulletproof tank, some one else said; it would take an anti-tank missile to get at him.All they have to protect themselves are Milan anti-tank missiles and light arms.The Army is taking delivery of LAW-80, a short range anti-tank weapon costing £400m.Later it wants to follow up with the heavy stuff: tanks, helicopters, anti-tank weapons and armored personnel carriers.In the meantime, the authorities had added light anti-tank weapons and recoilless rifles to the arsenal of the metropolitan police force.
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