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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanticsan‧tics /ˈæntɪks/ noun [plural]  BEHAVEbehaviour that seems strange, funny, silly, or annoying We’re all growing tired of his childish antics.see thesaurus at behaviour
Examples from the Corpus
anticsHer shoulder was stinging, but Maria couldn't help laughing at his effervescent antics.She glanced around with an innocent expression on her face, but all eyes were on the Doctor's antics.Certainly, in comparison to Errol Flynn's, Finch's antics were mild.Three skydivers jumped off a skyscraper, but most skydivers disapprove of such antics.Classical music elders may turn up their noses, but so far, the antics are working.The Queen is said to disapprove of the antics of some of the younger members of the Royal Family.The Bloomsbury Group is only one of dozens of such groups, albeit one whose antics have been chronicled at numbing length.
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