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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantimonyan‧tim‧o‧ny /ænˈtɪməni $ ˈæntəmoʊni/ noun [uncountable]  a silver-white metal that breaks easily and is often combined with other metals. It is a chemical element: symbol Sb
Examples from the Corpus
antimonyPewter A tin-based alloy mixed with copper and antimony, originally having a lead content.These include lead and antimony, nickel, manganese and zinc, and bismuth and iron.Further, soft coal sometimes contains dangerous concentrations of toxic materials such as arsenic, antimony, and cadmium.To this day, this operation is one of the worlds biggest antimony producers.Gold mineralisation is associated with earlier fluids; antimony and base metal sulphides with later fluids.There were mines for copper, lead, cobalt. nickel, antimony, manganese and uranium.In addition to producing antimony sulphide concentrate, gold and silver are produced as by-products.The first was antimony trioxide which produces a water-clear glass.
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