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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantiquatedan‧ti‧quat‧ed /ˈæntɪkweɪtɪd/ adjective  OLD-FASHIONEDold-fashioned and not suitable for modern needs or conditions – used to show disapproval syn outdated antiquated lawssee thesaurus at old-fashioned
Examples from the Corpus
antiquatedHer army and navy were becoming antiquated.Some say coroner's courts are antiquated, and unsuitable for this kind of military investigation.Huntley speaks of lax credit policies and antiquated debt collection.The suggestion inherent in her question - that the signalling is antiquated - does not appear to be justified.Hospitals suffer from inadequate facilities, antiquated equipment and shortages of medical supplies.Many different species with such structures swam in the lagoons beside the Gogo reefs, together with other more antiquated kinds.My mother's antiquated vacuum cleaner still works, believe it or not.This is a modern health services research unit but you hold an antiquated view of science.
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