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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantiquityan‧tiq‧ui‧ty /ænˈtɪkwəti/ noun (plural antiquities)  1 [uncountable]PAST ancient timesin antiquity The common household fork was nearly unknown in antiquity.2 [uncountable]OLD-FASHIONED the state of being very old a building of great antiquity3 [countable usually plural]OLD-FASHIONED a building or object made in ancient times a collection of Roman antiquities
Examples from the Corpus
antiquityThe museum contains Soane's personal collection of art and antiquities.The Kalahari only partly closes the way to the South; and the Sahara was crossed as early as classical antiquity.Prehistoric archaeologists the world over have increasingly focussed attention on the ecological and economic aspects of life in antiquity.Beyond its antiquity, it is hard to say precisely what makes the Old Course such a pleasure.Norbert Schimmel was famous as a passionate collector of antiquities spanning 8,000 years of human creativity.the antiquity of Chinese culture
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