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antiseptican‧ti‧sep‧tic1 /ˌæntəˈseptɪk◂/ noun [countable, uncountable]  MHa medicine that you put onto a wound to stop it from becoming infected He dabbed the cut with antiseptic. Mint is a mild antiseptic.
Examples from the Corpus
antisepticThis week the school is collecting medical supplies, including plasters, vitamins and antiseptics.Unlike chemical antiseptics, essential oils are harmless to tissue, yet they are powerful aggressors towards germs.In a dilute solution in water, it is familiar as a household antiseptic.They contain a natural antiseptic which fights spot-causing bacteria and dries up the blemishes.Avoid using antiseptics, perfumed soaps or talc in the vaginal area, and don't use vaginal deodorants.
Related topics: Hospital
antisepticantiseptic2 adjective  MHhelping to prevent infection an antiseptic cream Some herbs have antiseptic qualities.
Examples from the Corpus
antisepticThese are the upstanding citizens, the clean and the antiseptic.The room has the immaculate, antiseptic air of a hospital laboratory.the antiseptic language of scienceI entered a hall crammed with low stretcher beds, placed row upon row on an antiseptic, scrubbed floor.The rash application of strong antiseptic solutions to prevent or ward off infection is another rare cause of urethritis.This antiseptic treatment can be used for all but flowers.
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