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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantisocialan·ti·so·cial /ˌæntɪˈsəʊʃəl $ -ˈsoʊ-/ adjective  1 BADantisocial behaviour is violent or harmful to other people, or shows that you do not care about other people She was finding it hard to cope with her son’s increasingly antisocial behaviour. Smoking is an antisocial habit.see thesaurus at unfriendly2 UNFRIENDLYsomeone who is antisocial does not enjoy meeting or being with other people opp sociable If I don’t go tonight, everyone will accuse me of being antisocial.see thesaurus at shy3 ALONEan activity or job that is antisocial does not give you the chance to meet other people syn unsocial I got fed up with the low pay and antisocial hours.
Examples from the Corpus
antisocialBecause she was so shy, people often thought she was antisocial.Kip had always been shy, even antisocial.Smoking cigarettes in public is increasingly considered antisocial.As I hope to demonstrate later, by far the largest majority of infants are biased towards being social rather than antisocial.Communal, racist, and antisocial.In children too there seems to be an increase in problems relating to antisocial, aggressive conduct and delinquent acts.Gender is a bureaucratic solution to an antisocial habit.Not everyone who likes playing computer games is an antisocial loner.Now he was on a more obviously antisocial mission.antisocial hoursUnexpected overtime, low wages and complicated antisocial hours are features for many care assistants.
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