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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishantitheticalan‧ti‧thet‧i‧cal /ˌæntɪˈθetɪkəl/ (also antithetic /-ˈθetɪk◂/) adjective formal  OPPOSITE/REVERSEexactly opposite to somethingantithetical to This violence is completely antithetical to the teaching of the church.
Examples from the Corpus
antitheticalOddly enough, these two traditions are not antithetical.Ishmael, consequently, also investigates the antithetical approach, the method of pure subjective perception.In an age of compulsory wearing of uniforms, the zoot suit accomplished an antithetical stylization of the self.Their vision of society was collectivist, grass-roots oriented and utterly antithetical to the privatised and mortgaged paradise of Thatcherism.To pursue political objectives seriously, they must work with the very people whose religious beliefs are most antithetical to their own.antithetical toThe new law is clearly antithetical to the basic principles of free speech.
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