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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanxietyanx‧i‧e‧ty /æŋˈzaɪəti/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun (plural anxieties)  1 [countable, uncountable]WORRIED the feeling of being very worried about something syn concernanxiety about/over There is considerable anxiety among staff about job losses. There is growing public anxiety over levels of air pollution in our cities.deep/acute/great anxiety The fear of unemployment can be a source of deep anxiety to people. his feelings of anxiety A high level of anxiety was created by the introduction of cameras into the factory. It can help if you discuss your anxieties with someone.2 [uncountable]WORRIED a feeling of wanting to do something very muchanxiety to do something I nearly fell in my anxiety to get downstairs quickly.COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgreat/considerable anxietyThen began a day of great anxiety.acute/deep/high anxietyThe patient's panic attacks are caused by acute anxiety.constant anxietyShe lives a life of constant anxiety over money and job security.increasing/mounting anxietyThere is mounting anxiety about the rise in violent crime.public anxietythe wave of public anxiety about food safetyverbscause/create/lead to anxietyTheir nuclear programme is causing mounting anxiety among other nations, especially Israel.arouse/provoke anxiety (=cause it)The presence of Indian troops near the border has aroused considerable anxiety in neighbouring Pakistan.feel/suffer from anxietyThe child may feel anxiety about being away from home.reduce/relieve anxietyThe drug helps to reduce anxiety, allowing you to feel relaxed.phrasesa source of anxietyFor many people, the primary source of anxiety is work.somebody's level of anxietyPatients experience high levels of anxiety at time of admission to hospital.feelings of anxietyHaving an operation naturally entails feelings of anxiety.
Examples from the Corpus
anxietyfeelings of guilt and anxietyThe prevention of stress and anxiety has already been discussed in Chapter 3.On the other hand, the vulnerability of such old people creates considerable anxiety.Not only does anxiety feel different, but at a purely neurological level, it is different.Her anxiety about the pain of childbirth is understandable.She could readily imagine his feelings of guilt and self-disgust, and his anxiety to lay the blame at Bella's door.His feelings of anger were accompanied by feelings of anxiety and concern.The increase in the tax on heating fuel is causing a lot of anxiety among elderly people.It was his first sight of his grandson and he felt a pang of anxiety as he looked down at him.the anxieties of parenthoodEach one had identified a list of successes to call up and share with the other when anxiety threatened.I knew I had to give a speech, but the thought filled me with anxiety.deep/acute/great anxietyThese mystics are aware that the religious demands of the Church could induce a deep anxiety, which Luther certainly experienced.It is not and an acute anxiety attack will not harm you.She had also expressed great anxiety as to who was to compensate her for the loss of her fences and crop.He suffered, like Vincent, from depressive attacks, of a kind now seen as indicating acute anxiety neurosis.Nevertheless, the product of the optimism is greater anxiety for parent and child when these ideals are not met.Patients taking Ativan and Valium for long periods may suffer acute anxiety when they stop.Nausea of vomiting or retching with great anxiety.anxiety to do somethingSongcraft, good intentions, an anxiety to avoid love clichés - all these are the very death of disco.Financial problems can become an added burden and anxiety to the daughter at home.In her anxiety to help, Laurie tripped and broke several wine glasses.In fact I began to transmit my anxieties to Siegfried.More importantly, the report caused needless anxiety to all the women who have attended the centre.They have become impotent - a fact which naturally causes a great deal of anxiety to them and to their wives.It also relieves a little of the anxiety to remember that the budget submitted is rarely the final one.Sometimes, in their anxiety to reach a female, four or five males cling to one another and form a chain.This misleading view of intonation must have caused unnecessary anxiety to many learners of the language.
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