Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: anxius


anx‧ious S3 W3
1 worried about something
anxious about
He was a bit anxious about the safety of the machinery.
anxious for
We were anxious for you.
She gave me an anxious look.
anxious (that)
She was anxious that it might be cancer.
see usage note nervous
2 an anxious time or situation is one in which you feel nervous or worried [= worrying]:
We had an anxious couple of weeks waiting for the test results.
There was an anxious moment when the plane suddenly dropped.
3 feeling strongly that you want to do something or want something to happen [= keen]
anxious to do something
The company is anxious to improve its image.
He seemed most anxious to speak to me alone.
The president is anxious not to have another crisis.
anxious for somebody to do something
Why was she so anxious for me to stay?
anxious for
We were all anxious for news.
anxious (that)
Both sides were anxious that the agreement should be signed as quickly as possible.
anxiously adverb:
She waited anxiously by the phone
WORD FOCUS: worried WORD FOCUS: worried
similar words: anxious, concerned, apprehensive, uneasy, bothered, preoccupied, stressed (out)

See also

nervous, anxious, annoyed, irritated
If you are nervous, you cannot relax because you are worried about something that you have to do I was nervous about my job interview. He sounded really nervous when he first started speaking.If you are anxious, you are very worried about something that may happen or may have happened, over which you feel you have no control When she didn't come home from school her parents began to get anxious.Do not use nervous to talk about angry feelings. Use annoyed or irritated.If you are annoyed, you feel slightly angry with someone because of what they have done I was annoyed that he kept me waiting.If you are irritated, you are made slightly angry by something that keeps happening Irritated by their giggling, he told them to be quiet.!! If someone is irritating you, you can say that they get on your nerves (NOT 'on your nervous') His fidgeting is getting on my nerves.See also nervous

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