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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanyan‧y1 /ˈeni/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner, pronoun  1 FEW/NOT MANY[usually in questions and negatives] some or even the smallest amount or number Have you got any money? Do you need any further information?any of Are any of the paintings for sale? They didn’t invite any of us. Are there any other questions? They haven’t shown any interest at all in my research. The universities have shown few if any signs of a willingness to change.2 EVERYONEused to refer to a person or thing of a particular type when what you are saying is true of all people or things of that type Any child who breaks the rules will be punished. Always check the details carefully before you sign any written agreement. I can see you any time on Monday. If I can help in any way, let me know.any of You can choose any of the books on the list. This excuse was as good as any other.3 ALL/EVERYTHINGas much as possible They’re going to need any help they can get.4 not just any (old) man/woman/job etc any old thing at old(10), → any old how at old(11), → not in any way at way1(40)
Examples from the Corpus
few if anyAll these tropical areas have their own brackish flora and fauna, but few if any are known in the trade.Other researchers, however, remained adamant that there are few if any gender differences in management.Other years, such as recession years, few if any good opportunities may surface.Something she'd suffered, like chickenpox: nasty, but with few if any lasting effects.Since the faeces produced by the immune adults contains few if any O. ostertagi eggs the pasture contamination is greatly reduced.From these postings, uncivilized and disease-ridden in those days, few if any returned.More importantly, few if any stored samples go back farther than the mid fifties.Crocker said he expects only low-lying areas with few if any structures in Mayville to get flooded.any otherBut it is hard to fit the evidence to any other conclusion.In fact, they are similar to the seismic waves from any other earthquake anywhere in the world.Not withstanding this limitation, the powers contained in the section do not restrict any other express or implied rights of action.If people can not remember any other name from the crew, they do remember hers.ChamberBiz offers more relevant content than any other place on the Internet to help small business solve their daily problems.Shull said he did not know whether there were any other shareholders in the corporation.Even steel, which Indiana makes more of than any other state, has stayed sprightly.Between them, they monopolised the media to the virtual exclusion of any other viewpoint.
anyany2 ●●● S2 adverb [usually in questions and negatives]  1 NOTused before the comparative form of an adjective to mean ‘even a small amount’ I can’t run any faster. Are you feeling any better?2 not anymore/any longer3 ESPECIALLY American English spoken used with a verb to mean ‘at all’ We tried talking to him but that didn’t help any.
Examples from the Corpus
anyIs Peggy feeling any better today?If you want to throw up, feel free to now, if that would make you feel any better.All this does not make Bush's task any easier.I can't walk any farther.David could not stand it any longer.Now, as he regarded the principal, stripped of his power, my father could not restrain himself any longer.On one level, of course, it simply does not matter any longer.Can things get any more explicit?There is no mileage any more in being a groupie.There was nothing of life any more.I don't see how things could get any worse.
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