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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishany/a given ...any/a given ...ALL/EVERYTHINGany particular time, situation, amount etc that is being used as an example On any given day in the Houston area, half the hospital beds are empty. The rules are to be followed in any given situation.at any given time/moment There are thought to be around 10,000 young homeless Scots in London at any given time. given
Examples from the Corpus
any/a given ...These standards may vary from country to country and they may be changed from time to time within a given country.On any given day in the Houston area, half the hospital beds are empty.In practice this can only be achieved within the constraints of any given indexing language and system.However, since these charts deal with averages, they may not be appropriate for any given individual.It is accepted that within any given population there are natural variations in health status.Signals from the ground are passed from one satellite to another as they move across any given region.This knot shape therefore never varies for any given sequence of amino acids.We must weigh that in determining whether kids should watch a given show.Only 7 lines can be displayed at any given time.
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