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any amount of something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishany amount of somethingany amount of somethingused to say that there is plenty of something, and no more is needed The school has any amount of resources and equipment. amount
Examples from the Corpus
any amount of somethingAs taxpayers subject to wealth tax, the Chiracs should have declared any amounts of cash they kept during those years.Rod Bags One item that is invaluable to the angler who does any amount of boat fishing is an electric outboard.You can highlight any amount of text from a single character to the entire document.No telephone applications or any amount of pleading will ensure exception to these dates.But they can give parties any amount of soft money.Votes can be appreciated more than any amount of money, especially if they can be produced or denied in significant blocs.Not that any amount of designer labels would or could reconcile her to the prospect of meeting Antoinette again.She went through any amount of stockings in a week.
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