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any luck?/no luck?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishany luck?/no luck?any luck?/no luck?spokenSUCCEED IN DOING something used to ask someone if they have succeeded in doing something ‘Oh, there you are. Any luck?’ ‘No, I didn’t catch a single fish.’ luck
Examples from the Corpus
any luck?/no luck?We won't see his like again, with any luck.Then, with any luck, the boss will start aligning himself with you.Well, with any luck she'd get a fair return on her outlay, in deep satisfaction.With any luck we may yet have a Congressional Scuba Caucus.With any luck, he will have done the same. 2.With any luck, people searching for the real site may come across yours first.With any luck, the 49ers will have their starting five on the offensive line back for Dallas.With any luck, you should see a graph of the data appear.
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