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any time (now)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishany time (now)any time (now)very soon ‘When is she due back?’ ‘Any time now.’ time
Examples from the Corpus
any time (now)Electricity was in the air, because the Soviet troops could step in at any time.As a result, at any time, just the tips of the twigs of any evolutionary tree are on view.Like the shares of a listed company, investors can trade them at any time through a stockbroker.Mr Bacon was not there at any time.Any ray of light, emitted anywhere in the universe at any time, will arrive at the omega point.Those humans could be back any time.I never describe the bar, so I can use any bar any time without screwing up my contract.He told me to call him up, or better yet come by and visit his office any time.
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