1 determiner, pronoun
an‧y1 S1 W1
1 [usually in questions and negatives] some or even the smallest amount or number:
Have you got any money?
Do you need any further information?
any of
Are any of the paintings for sale?
They didn't invite any of us.
Are there any other questions?
They haven't shown any interest at all in my research.
The universities have shown few if any signs of a willingness to change.
2 used to refer to a person or thing of a particular type when what you are saying is true of all people or things of that type:
Any child who breaks the rules will be punished.
Always check the details carefully before you sign any written agreement.
I can see you any time on Monday.
If I can help in any way, let me know.
any of
You can choose any of the books on the list.
This excuse was as good as any other.
3 as much as possible:
They're going to need any help they can get.

not just any (old) man/woman/job etc

used to say that someone or something is special:
She's not just any actress, she's one of the best.

➔ any old thing

at old (10)

➔ any old how

at old (11)

➔ not in any way

at way1 (40)

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