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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanyhowan‧y‧how /ˈenihaʊ/ ●●○ S3 adverb  1 [sentence adverb]DESPITE informal anyway The scandal could damage her reputation but the press reported it anyhow. I’ve never been to a circus, not recently anyhow.2 CARELESSin a careless or untidy way The cupboard would hardly close, with all the shoes thrown in anyhow.
Examples from the Corpus
anyhowWell, that's what Jeb told me anyhow.She didn't even know what he did to earn so much money, anyhow!What type of person am I, anyhow?What you say is all rubbish anyhow.But anyhow it was an argument over the spoils.But anyhow, we have a lot of stuff in there in the way of staples.Anyhow, we have plenty of time to plan ahead.
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