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anything/whatever you say

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanything/whatever you sayanything/whatever you sayAGREEused to tell someone that you agree to do what they want, accept their opinion etc, especially because you do not want an argument say
Examples from the Corpus
anything/whatever you sayBut children know that parents are anxious whatever they say.If you are a teacher I do not ask you to believe or take on trust anything I say.There's something baldly there about him which inclines me, like Kevin, to distrust anything he says.She opened her mouth and then closed it again, because, whatever she said, he would have a patient answer."I want fifty copies of this by 3:00." "Anything you say, Mrs. DeVere."I know that I had no intention of stopping the procedure, whatever anyone said or did to influence me.Both Dames Elizabeth and Martha were deaf, so whatever you said or how you said it would not cause any alarm.Her one, clear thought was that, whatever he said, she would not be convinced by him.Zsa Zsa was enchanting - whatever I said to her, she'd just giggle and become even more indiscreet.
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