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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanywayan‧y‧way /ˈeniweɪ/ ●●● S1 W2 (also anyhow) adverb [sentence adverb]  1 DESPITEin spite of the fact that you have just mentioned Catherine wasn’t sure the book was the right one, but she bought it anyway. This idea probably won’t work, but let’s try it anyway.2 used when adding a remark which shows that the fact just mentioned is not important They didn’t have any trainers in my size, and anyway I’d already decided I’d rather save the money. ‘I hope you haven’t told anyone.’ ‘No. Who would believe me anyway?’3 used when adding something that corrects or slightly changes what you have just said Let’s think about it for a while, for a few days anyway. There seems to have been a technical problem – anyway, that’s what they told me.4 spoken used when you are ignoring details so that you can talk immediately about the most important thing He got lost and spent hours looking for the station, and anyway it was past midnight by the time he got home. Anyway, why didn’t you call the police?5 BUT spoken used when you are changing the subject of a conversation or returning to a previous subject Anyway, let’s leave that for the moment and look at this month’s profit figures. Anyway, how are you?6 SO/CONSEQUENTLY spoken used when you want to end a conversation or leave a place Anyway, I must be going now.
Examples from the Corpus
anywayThanks for offering, anyway.What is that thing for, anyway?By preaching the merits of downsizing, they have provided bosses with arguments for measures that tough economic times have required anyway.I've known the bloody thing was wrong for ages anyway.It was wrong but he had to do it anyway.What is inside and what is outside the organizational boundary, anyway?Hardly anyone's going to read it anyway.He said he didn't know much about computers, but that he'd try and help us anyway.It's just a cold, but you should see the doctor anyway.Sam didn't get the job, but he's not worried because it didn't pay well anyway.Anyway, after three months she made a full recovery.And so he had received the call-which anyway had been destined for the wrong man.Anyway, how about getting some lunch?Anyway, I guess I'd better go now.And anyway, I never said.I think she's around my age, but anyway, she's pregnant.Anyway, what was I saying?So anyway, what were you doing in the park at two in the morning?
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