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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaparta‧part /əˈpɑːt $ -ɑːrt/ ●●● S2 W1 adverb, adjective  1 DISTANCEnot close/touching if things are apart, they are not close to each other or touching each othertwo miles/six feet etc apart Place the two posts 6 metres apart. They have offices in countries as far apart as India and Peru. The police try to keep rival supporters apart at all matches. A couple of men started fighting and we had to pull them apart. Joel stood apart from the group, frowning.2 in different pieces if something comes apart, or you take it apart, it is separated into different pieces The whole thing comes apart so that you can clean it. They took the engine apart to see what was wrong.3 SEPARATEseparate if you keep things apart, you keep them separate from each other I try to keep my work and private life as far apart as possible.4 TIMEnot at same timePERIOD OF TIME if things are a particular time apart, they do not happen at the same time but have that much time between themtwo days/three weeks/five years etc apart Our birthdays are exactly a month apart.5 SEPARATEpeople if people are apart, they are not together in the same place, or not having a relationship with each other The children have never been apart before. My wife and I are living apart at the moment.apart from He’s never been apart from his mother.
6 fall apart7 be torn apart8 be worlds/poles apart9 grow/drift apart10 joking apart11 somebody/something apart12 set somebody/something apart
Examples from the Corpus
apartThe two towns are fifteen miles apart.I hate it when we're apart.Since the universe began, the galaxies have gradually moved further apart.Stand on the skis with your feet well apart.The seeds should be planted a few inches apart.The two cities are less than 30 km apart.The National Weather Service is forecasting snow in cities as far apart as Atlanta, Boston, and Cleveland.The two sets of rival fans had to be kept apart by the police.Jo and Sam decided to try living apart for a while.We were standing a few feet apart from each other.Helen noticed one little boy standing apart from the rest of the group.pull ... apartHe does this by holding his hands together and trying to pull them apart.Jamie must have liked the way Eva tidied it, because he has not yet pulled the place apart.Radical restructuring could work only if Sam had people on his side, pulling together instead of pulling the company apart.Timmy says much the same thing but with less diplomacy, writing that harsh criticism and negativity are pulling the team apart.The other big one pulled the crowd apart and grabbed McMurphy around the arms from behind.Of most concern is getting the best sound out of the instrument without the strings pulling it apart and needing returning too often.Maybe he does not pull it apart, maybe it just disintegrates.Unlike many countries that pull themselves apart, Sri Lanka was not artificially put together.took ... apartLowly Nottingham took them to task ... and took them apart ... 26-14.Every time I went through an airport security system it was me they took apart.For example, he hid his underpants in the lavatory, and took the cooker apart.We stopped singing and took a step apart.The police took his house apart looking for possible clues after she vanished from a leisure centre car park.I took his apart, saw right away what was wrong with it, and fixed it then and there.apart fromThis is an excellent piece of work, apart from a couple of spelling mistakes.I check out your web page everyday as apart from a decent cup of tea I miss my Sun newspaper badly!Families may be forced to sit apart from each other.Apart from going swimming occasionally, I don't get much exercise.Finally, apart from one small reference, the analysis never examines the relationship between collective protest and internal war.The clearly defined black spots and red bands of courage that set the rainbow apart from other trout are truly remarkable.Apparently he would watch any sport, however obscure, apart from rugby league, which he just could not stick.Still he did not move, apart from shrugging again.He had good reason, apart from the appeal of her look and manner.The trouble is that they have not learned to be secure and capable apart from their parents.Great Groups tend to be islands of excellence that exist apart from their surroundings.
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