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apartheida‧part‧heid /əˈpɑːtaɪt, -teɪt, -taɪd $ -ɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]  SARPPPSEPARATEthe former political and social system in South Africa, in which only white people had full political rights and people of other races, especially black people, were forced to go to separate schools, live in separate areas etc
Examples from the Corpus
apartheidan anti-apartheid organizationBut these days a general amnesia has set in, and it is almost impossible to meet anyone who believed in apartheid.Even though the white woman is oppressed herself, she has a vested interest in apartheid.She disagreed with the system of apartheid.A more subtle form of restriction is to proceed by a philosophy akin to that of apartheid.Mandela was in prison for over 25 years for opposing apartheid in South Africa.The remnants of the old left hoped victory over apartheid would see the realisation of their ideals.But many streets in areas formerly reserved for whites still recall apartheid and colonial figures.The state could face social apartheid if minority students do not have access to higher education.Williamson is well known to have been a highly successful spy, and high up in the apartheid regime's disinformation network.This is my old college, where under apartheid a celebrated anti-authoritarian spirit characterised staff and students.
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