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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapexa‧pex /ˈeɪpeks/ noun [countable]  1 TOP technical the top or highest part of something pointed or curved the apex of the roof the apex of a pyramid2 formal the most important position in an organization or society The king was at the apex of society.3 formalSUCCESSFUL the most successful part of something syn peak He was at the apex of his career.
Examples from the Corpus
apexWithin minutes of strapping myself in, I was chipping each apex and powering through like a seasoned track star.The middle manager may at one time be at the apex, at another in the middle.Cameron Diaz plays the beauty who forms the apex of the triangle.There, under the apex of the roof, was a small window, open a few precious inches.There are two styles to choose from: the traditional apex, shown here, and the flat pergola top.
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