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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapocalypsea‧poc‧a‧lypse /əˈpɒkəlɪps $ əˈpɑː-/ noun [countable]  1 the apocalypse2 SERIOUS SITUATIONa situation in which a lot of people die or suffer, and a lot of damage is done A lot of investors now fear a stock market apocalypse.
Examples from the Corpus
apocalypseI was certain something like it would come, something like an apocalypse.This declared that the whole affair was' a godsend, a windfall, an apocalypse for Mr. Ruskin.Perhaps the most conspicuous flaw in reports of ecological apocalypse is lack of information.Several leading scientists are predicting an environmental apocalypse.The shares are extremely good value for investors, short of a stock market apocalypse.
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