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apocalyptica‧poc‧a‧lyp‧tic /əˌpɒkəˈlɪptɪk◂ $ əˌpɑː-/ adjective  1 WARNwarning people about terrible events that will happen in the future The novel presents us with an apocalyptic vision of the future.2 RRCconnected with the final destruction and end of the world, or with any great destruction Before them was an apocalyptic landscape of burnt villages and bomb craters.
Examples from the Corpus
apocalypticIn the Sixties Gurus and pop music were the thing; the present mood is sombre and apocalyptic.But Spenser's is also the voice of apocalyptic concern.Politics is made of messianic visions and apocalyptic goals.They sat around and listened with abashed smiles as Carlo Marx read them his apocalyptic, mad poetry.Opponents painted a more apocalyptic picture, warning of foreign landowners and even invoking the specter of civil war.We had this apocalyptic view, that if you listen to this music, life will change and become more beautiful.The Essenes were not only greatly inclined to apocalyptic views and legalism, but they were frantically anti-Hellenistic.an apocalyptic vision of the future
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