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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapparentap‧par‧ent /əˈpærənt/ ●●○ W2 AWL adjective  1 OBVIOUSeasy to notice syn obviousit is apparent (that) It soon became apparent that we had a major problem.it is apparent from something that It is apparent from scientific studies that the drug has some fairly nasty side effects.it is apparent to somebody that It was apparent to everyone that he was seriously ill. The difference in quality was immediately apparent. He left suddenly, for no apparent reason.2 SEEMseeming to have a particular feeling or attitude, although this may not be true He did well in his exams, despite his apparent lack of interest in his work.
Examples from the Corpus
apparentThere is no apparent connection between the murders.She was upset by her father-in-law's apparent dislike of her.the apparent failure of the deviceA lone gunman with an apparent grudge can do great harm.His apparent heresy is not that of the smooth talking cleric, but the statistician specialising in the field of criminology.This, of course, is an issue very much apparent in the fortunes of local railway lines at the present day.What shocked me was the parents' apparent lack of interest in their child.Perhaps, the most appealing factor of a duvet is its apparent lightness which also retains a great deal of warmth.The voices and noise around them became apparent once more, a tide of excited news, a civilized clamor.We seem here to have further evidence of the apparent paradox about creativity and psychosis to which we have referred several times.To a degree, the chaos is more apparent than real.In contemporary times, nowhere is the difference between wild and farm-raised waterfowl more dramatically apparent than with goose.for no apparent reasonAn unknowable, harsh and cruel society had destroyed his father for no apparent reason.For example, I lost things for no apparent reason.One morning I found it completely wilted for no apparent reason.Some can undergo terrible problems and not get depressed, while others are depressed for no apparent reason.The train stood a long time in Gloucester Road station, for no apparent reason.Sometimes, for no apparent reason, all the children may become wired up.He played extremely well for several weeks, and then, for no apparent reason, quit the team.To cry for no apparent reason was not considered odd.
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