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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapparentlyap‧par‧ent‧ly /əˈpærəntli/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  1 [sentence adverb]SAY used to say that you have heard that something is true, although you are not completely sure about it Apparently the company is losing a lot of money. I wasn’t there, but apparently it went well.2 SEEMaccording to the way someone looks or a situation appears, although you cannot be sure She turned to face him, her anger apparently gone.
Examples from the Corpus
apparentlyIt's going to be hot this weekend, apparently.Nelson apparently committed suicide.The apparently coordinated attacks overloaded the sites with a barrage of messages generated by hackers.An apparently dangerous criminal may be hospitalised with a restriction stipulating that only the Home secretary can authorise his release.But what about patients who are apparently fit and healthy until they suffer a massive exposure to toxic man-made chemicals?Campaign funds have been used for apparently illegal activities.Apparently, it was a really good party.Apparently, Jim's a really good tennis player.The impact, occurring shortly before midnight local time, apparently knocked out all communications before warning could be given.Frank Bruno, after only three fights since quitting pantomime, is apparently lined up to fight both champions.Shankar and his tabla player, Alla Rakha, held the apparently preposterous view that all notes were equal.Some of this money apparently showed up in the Whitewater account.He was traumatized as a child, apparently, when his mentally ill father forced him to kill a thief.
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