1 noun
ap‧peal1 S2 W1


[countable] an urgent request for something important
appeal for
The police have issued a new appeal for information.
appeal to
All the organizations involved have sent urgent appeals to the government, asking for extra funding.
The girl's family have made a public appeal for help to try and catch her killer.
appeal to somebody to do something
an appeal to the army to not use too much force

request for money

[countable] an attempt to persuade people to give money in order to help people who need something:
The appeal has nearly reached its target of £100,000.
The hospital has launched an appeal to raise money for new equipment.

request to change decision

[uncountable and countable] a formal request to a court or to someone in authority asking for a decision to be changed
appeal to
an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights
on appeal
The sentence was reduced to three years on appeal.
All prisoners have a right of appeal.
He has lodged an appeal against the size of the fine.

being attractive

[uncountable] a quality that makes people like something or someone:
What is the particular appeal of this island?
The programme has a very wide appeal.
appeal for
The film has great appeal for young audiences.
She's definitely got sex appeal (=she is sexually attractive).

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