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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappealingap‧peal‧ing /əˈpiːlɪŋ/ adjective  1 ATTRACTattractive or interesting opp unappealing The city offers an appealing combination of sporting and cultural events. It creates an atmosphere which visitors find so appealing.2 appealing look/expression/voice etcappealingly adverb She looked appealingly at Ben.
Examples from the Corpus
appealingFor many hauliers the idea of obtaining additional capital by way of a franchise payment is very appealing.Both cities have a wealth of attractions that make them appealing.The idea of a whole week at a health farm isn't very appealing.It's extremely difficult to create a really appealing advertisement.Davies' books are an appealing blend of wit and wisdom.A pair of racing shoes could lift your performance or leave you with an appealing but unnecessary extravagance.He decided to follow the example of his one-time political mentor, Nixon, and make himself a more appealing candidate.A green salad can be enhanced by primrose and violet heads, and they make appealing decorations for a cake.If that was your misguided attempt to make an appealing, heart-rending entrance into my life, you've failed.Having someone to do all my cleaning for me was an appealing prospect.This is not, in all respects, an appealing road.Although a warmer climate may sound appealing, the effects of the heat can be difficult to cope with.According to Life magazine, cars with soft smooth shapes are supposed to be appealing to females.find ... appealingA look of corruptible innocence that Bernice found rather appealing.Humour in a woman is an attribute these men find particularly appealing.It was my idea of what an alligator might find appealing.He finds Miriam appealing and she holds for him the added attraction of being married and committed herself.Allan says it's the pressure of his work but the truth is he doesn't find her appealing any more.But I find the most appealing aspect of the bread to be its texture and appearance both before and after baking.While you might find this an appealing prospect, it will soon become a shackle that will hinder your progress online.There was a symmetry she found appealing to the scene.
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