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appeals court

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappeals courtapˈpeals ˌcourt noun [countable]  a court of law in some countries which deals with cases when people are not satisfied with the judgment given by a lower court syn Court of Appeals a ruling by a US federal appeals court
Examples from the Corpus
appeals courtThe students claimed that their rights under the Equal Access Act were violated, and a federal appeals court agreed.The Louisiana legislation had also been declared unconstitutional in September by a federal appeals court.A federal appeals court has lifted the injunction, allowing for extraditions until the constitutionality of the statute is decided next year.A legal challenge was launched by the Defenders of Wildlife group and other bodies, and upheld by the federal appeals court.Although the appeals court was unanimous in reversing the lower court, the judges each had different reasons for their conclusions.
From Longman Business DictionaryAppeals CourtApˈpeals Court noun [countable] another name for COURT OF APPEALS
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