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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappellantap‧pel‧lant /əˈpelənt/ noun [countable] law  a person who appeals against the decision in a court of law
Examples from the Corpus
appellantThat situation was avoided in the present case, because the appellant chose not to give evidence for the reason already stated.In the absence of the jury, counsel for the appellant submitted that the documents were inadmissible in the criminal proceedings.In this case it was not contended that the appellant had not acted dishonestly.Nor is he entitled to examine proceedings in Parliament in order to show that the appellants by fraudulently misleading Parliament caused him loss.In the evidence before us the appellants have emphasised that throughout they had no intention to flout the authority of the court.The appellant had not been required to surrender to the Central Criminal Court and the question of granting bail did not arise.The appellant was convicted of wounding with intent.Instead, they allowed offenders such as these two appellants to return again and again with further stolen property.
From Longman Business Dictionaryappellantap‧pel‧lant /əˈpelənt/ noun [countable] LAW a person who makes an APPEAL to a higher court against a judgement made in a lower courtThe appellant was found guilty of contempt of court.
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