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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappetizingap‧pe‧tiz‧ing (also appetising British English) /ˈæpətaɪzɪŋ/ ●○○ adjective  DELICIOUSfood that is appetizing smells or looks very good, making you want to eat it opp unappetizing an appetizing aroma The food wasn’t particularly appetizing.
Examples from the Corpus
appetizingIt is now possible to produce appetizing and inexpensive foods that would rectify these problems.The soup didn't look very appetizing but it tasted delicious.Even the paper boat began to seem appetizing, glistening in his mind with left-over condiment and grease.The average hospital serves meals that are neither appetizing nor nutritious.The average hospital serves food that is neither appetizing nor nutritious.The broadcasts themselves are often regarded by voters as the least appetizing part of election campaigns.It did not turn an appetizing pink.An appetizing smell of baked apples filled the house.
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