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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapplauseap‧plause /əˈplɔːz $ əˈplɒːz/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  PRAISEthe sound of many people hitting their hands together and shouting, to show that they have enjoyed something She got a round of applause (=a short period of applause) when she finished.rapturous/enthusiastic applause He left the stage to rapturous applause.loud/thunderous applause
Examples from the Corpus
applauseHowever, Judge Frossard has won the support of fellow justices and applause from a crime-weary public.The crowd, ever growing, explodes into laughter and applause.There was great applause when the Makhmalbaf family took a bow.To say the least, applause came haltingly.There was loud applause when the band members ran onto the stage.His abusive father routine earned him a spontaneous burst of applause, his voice booming to the rafters.The candidate's promise to improve public schools was greeted with a loud round of applause.This was not a collection that sparked shouts, cheers or even an occasional burst of polite applause.The sustained applause that followed suggested they may get their wish.The conductor waited for the applause to die down before signalling for the orchestra to begin.The cries of protest are lost in thunderous applause, and then a hush descends.loud/thunderous applauseThe audience of 2,500 responded to his declaration with sustained and thunderous applause.There would be loud applause for the suggestion from Labour Back Benchers, but he has my sympathy.The cries of protest are lost in thunderous applause, and then a hush descends.As he rose, he waved his hand to the stunned crowd, which broke into loud applause.He will be the one playing to the packed houses, the one gaining the loudest applause on the hustings.Behind the stern blue drapes of the Tory Conference you could feel the pocked walls mouldering to the loud applause.Val Graham's team secured the prize to thunderous applause after a playoff.There was loud applause as the young man was led up to receive his prize.
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