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applied science/physics/linguistics etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapplied science/physics/linguistics etcapplied science/physics/linguistics etcUSE somethingscience etc that has a practical use applied
Examples from the Corpus
applied science/physics/linguistics etcSince then, there has been a steady output of research within this branch of applied linguistics.These four key elements are well developed and widely shared within the research communities of every natural and applied science.These will include basic skills as well as specialised competences in areas of applied physics.Why are engineering, medicine and agriculture not all grouped together as applied sciences?Introduction to nonlinear problems with emphasis on practical modelling, illustrative examples from pure and applied science, and use of computers.Supported by four applied science courses covering the biology, entomology and pathology of seeds, and plant breeding.If applied linguistics is left exclusively to an elite band of researchers, then the whole object of the exercise disappears.There is a very pervasive belief that it is research in theoretical and applied linguistics which provides the solutions.
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