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apply yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapply yourselfapply yourselfWORK HARDto work hard at something, especially with a lot of attention for a long time Stephen would do well if only he applied himself.apply yourself to Over the next months, he applied himself to improving the technique. apply
Examples from the Corpus
apply toShe applied herself to her book but still heard laughing, laughing.The Secretary of State should apply himself to his own evidence.He applied himself to his shoelace.It is a consideration which I should have applied myself to the assessment of general damages to favour this plaintiff.Blue sets his typewriter on the table and casts about for ideas, trying to apply himself to the task at hand.Most of them applied themselves to their exercise books, their faces contorted with intellectual effort.Then he would be up and about, able to apply himself to unfinished business.
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