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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishappreciableap‧pre‧cia‧ble /əˈpriːʃəbəl/ AWL adjective  BIGlarge enough to be noticed or considered important syn significant There’s no appreciable change in the patient’s condition.appreciably adverb The two plans are not appreciably different.
Examples from the Corpus
appreciableTherefore, youngsters may swallow appreciable amounts of toothpaste.Military leaders have seen no appreciable change in the situation.Likewise no appreciable changes in waist-hip ratio occur with small fluctuations in weight.Recent studies with ambulatory pressure monitoring systems indicate that an appreciable number of non-peristaltic contractions are commonly found in apparently normal subjects.Notice that the distance of each curve from the axis is appreciable only in a quite small region.An appreciable proportion of these cases was associated with high morbidity and mortality.Furthermore, there was no appreciable research under way that promised better medical treatment in the future.You do not want to run the appreciable risk of making a bad mistake before your new career has really started.
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