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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapprenticeap‧pren‧tice /əˈprentɪs/ ●○○ noun [countable]  LEARNsomeone who works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn a particular skill or job She works in the hairdresser’s as an apprentice. an apprentice electricianapprentice verb [transitive] He was apprenticed to a local architect.
Examples from the Corpus
apprenticeA 'Meister' in Germany serves a nine-year apprenticeship before he can run his own shop.John recalled his apprenticeship to a blacksmith in the early years of the Second World War.I worked as an apprentice electrician for 18 months.He was an apprentice electrician at Watneys brewery in Mortlake.an apprentice chefIn this context, apprentices offer a cheap source of labor.Leaving school, he became an engineering apprentice with Ruston Proctor & Co.When I finish classes, I'm hoping to land a summer job as a chef's apprentice.In his system, he would say, apprentices really learn.If books did not supply apprentices with much, neither did formal training programs, which scarcely existed.But after seeing how broadly trained the apprentices were, employees began to press for even more.He already trains apprentices, and now welcomes any potential carving students.
Apprentice, thethe ApprenticeApprentice, the  a US and British television programme in which a group of people compete to win the prize of a job, working for the rich American businessman Donald Trump or the British businessman Sir Alan Sugar. The people on the show work in teams doing jobs that test their ability to be an entrepreneur (=someone who starts a new business or arranges business deals in order to make money). At the end of each programme Trump or Sugar points to the loser and says ‘You’re fired!’From Longman Business Dictionaryapprenticeap‧pren‧tice /əˈprentɪs/ noun [countable] JOBa young person being trained to do a skilled job, who has signed a contract agreeing to work a fixed number of years for the employer who is training themthe announcement that the company plans to take on apprentices again
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