2 noun
approach2 S3 W1


[countable] a method of doing something or dealing with a problem
approach to
a new approach to teaching languages
He decided to adopt a different approach and teach the Bible through story-telling.
This book takes an unorthodox approach to art criticism.
organizations which take a positive approach to creative thinking


[countable] a request from someone, asking you to do something for them:
They made a direct approach to the minister of education.

the approach of something

the approach of a particular time or event is the fact that it is getting closer:
the approach of autumn
It's a sign of the approach of middle age.

movement towards

[uncountable] movement towards or near to something:
Our approach frightened the birds.


[countable] a road, path etc that leads to a place, and is the main way of reaching it:
Soldiers were guarding the approaches to the city.


[countable] the final part of a plane's flight, before it lands at an airport:
It was clear to land so we made our approach.

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