1 adjective
ap‧pro‧pri‧ate1 S1 W1
correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose [≠ inappropriate]
appropriate for
clothes appropriate for a job interview
appropriate to
an education system which is more appropriate to the needs of the students
it is appropriate (for somebody) to do something
It would not be appropriate for me to discuss that now.
it is appropriate (that)
It seemed somehow appropriate that we should begin our journey here.
appropriate time/place etc
I didn't feel that this was an appropriate time to mention the subject of money.
highly/entirely/wholly appropriate
I thought his remark was highly appropriate, given the circumstances.
The timing of the announcement was particularly appropriate .
Where appropriate, I delegate as much work as possible.
Mark box 1 or 2, as appropriate.
I can assure you that appropriate action will be taken.
appropriately adverb:
The painters met, appropriately enough, in an art gallery (=used to emphasize that something is very appropriate).
appropriately dressed
appropriateness noun [uncountable]

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