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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapprovalap‧prov‧al /əˈpruːvəl/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]AGREE when a plan, decision, or person is officially accepted The president has already given his approval to the plan. It is just three months since we received official approval to go ahead with the project. A company cannot be sold without the approval of the shareholders. The bill will be submitted for approval by Congress. The president would appoint the Council of Ministers, subject to the approval of the National Assembly. The IMF has given its seal of approval to the government’s economic strategy. appointments requiring parliamentary approval2 [uncountable]APPROVE formal when someone likes something or someone and thinks that they are good opp disapproval A murmur of approval passed through the crowd.nod/smile/clap etc in approval They clapped their hands in approval. His ideas have won widespread public approval (=many people agree with them and think they are good). Does the design meet with your approval (=do you like it?)? Children are always seeking approval from their parents. She looked to Greg for approval.3 on approvalCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: when a plan, decision, or person is officially acceptedverbsgive/grant approvalCongress gave final approval on October 8.get/receive/obtain/win approvalFor over twenty years it was impossible for NASA to get approval for this mission.require/need approvalA multimillion pound project will require approval by the full board of directors.seek approvalYou will need to make an appointment with the bank to seek approval for the loan.submit something for approval (=give a plan, piece of writing etc to someone in authority for them to consider or approve)The final design will be submitted for approval next month.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + approvalformal/official approvalFinance ministers gave their formal approval in July.parliamentary approvalThe law is still awaiting parliamentary approval.Congressional approvalHis appointment was subject to Congressional approval.government/Senate approvalIt takes an average of twelve years for a successful drug to go from initial research to final government approval.planning approval (=official approval needed before building something)The construction work will be subject to planning approval.final approvalThe document’s final approval had to come from the pope.parental approvalStudents must first obtain parental approval.phrasesbe subject to approval (=be dependent upon someone’s approval before happening)The merger is subject to approval by shareholders.a seal/stamp of approval (=official approval)You must not make decisions without your manager’s seal of approval.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: when someone likes something or someone and thinks that they are goodmeet with somebody’s approvalThis type of dancing does not meet with their approval. win approvalHis condemnation of the war won widespread approval.seek somebody’s approvalHe constantly sought his father’s approval.look to somebody for approvalThey all admired Gordon and looked to him for approval. adjectivespublic approval (=from ordinary people)The policies met with a great deal of public approval.universal approval (=from everyone)His appointment has been met with almost universal approval.general approval (=from most people)McGill’s views did not meet with general approval.phrasesa nod/smile/glance/look of approval‘You’ve thought of everything, ’ she said with a smile of approval.a roar/murmur/chorus of approvalThere were murmurs of approval from the crowd.words of approvala mother’s words of approval
Examples from the Corpus
approvalApproval of the plans for the new science lab is expected by next month.The high-resolution mass spectrometer is awaiting approval.The county promised to speed up building approvals for people who lost their homes in the earthquake.Edouard could see the pleading expression come into his eyes, and the desperation for approval.The FDA granted approvals for 105 new drugs last year.Cap Cities executives said they were hopeful approval would come in a couple of weeks.Obedience did not imply approval, however.We need parental approval before allowing students to go on field trips.By doing well at school he hoped to win his parents' approval.But the House speaker apparently failed to forward any nomination for the automatic but constitutionally required approval of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.Ben needs to have his wife's approval before he'll do anything.The hotels also need the approval of the state Coastal Commission.He said that all Premier Division clubs had indicated their approval.The children played quietly in the backyard as Frances looked on with approval.The crowd of young Democratic supporters roared with approval.parliamentary approvalIt failed to win government and parliamentary approval.The administration lag should not be as long for monetary policy since formal Parliamentary approval is not required.A proposal by the opposition Labour Party for a more extensive package failed to gain parliamentary approval.At present there is a moratorium on the construction of nuclear plants, and the plans would need parliamentary approval.Development plans by government agencies which were opposed by the Park would require parliamentary approval.The first ordinations should take place in eighteen months subject to Parliamentary approval.The draft orders are again the subject of consultation, following which parliamentary approval turns them into legal binding requirements.The head of state would have no powers to dissolve parliament or to appoint state officials without parliamentary approval.seeking approvalIt started with skin, which it sells for burn victims and for which it is seeking approval for diabetic ulcer sufferers.The team is now seeking approval to carry out clinical trials at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.
From Longman Business Dictionaryapprovalap‧prov‧al /əˈpruːvəl/ noun [uncountable]1when someone officially accepts somethingHis proposals cannot become law until they have obtained Congressional approval.Approval for the new buildings was given in July.2on approval if you buy a product on approval, it is sent to you and you are allowed to look at it or use it before deciding whether you will buy it see also seal of approval
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