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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishapproximatelyap‧prox‧i‧mate‧ly /əˈprɒksəmətli $ əˈprɑːk-/ ●●○ W3 AWL adverb  more or less than a number or amount syn roughly The plane will be landing in approximately 20 minutes. How much do you think it will cost, approximately?THESAURUSapproximately more or less than a number or amount – used especially in technical or scientific contextsThe company had total revenues of approximately $2 million.The disease affects approximately 10% of the adult population.about more or less than a number or amount. ‘About’ is the usual word to use in everyday EnglishIt costs about $30 to get a visa.There were about 50 people at the meeting.roughly /ˈrʌfli/ about – used when you are trying to give someone a general idea of the size, amount, or number of somethingThe two countries are roughly the same size.Roughly how many miles do you travel a year?around about a number or time – used when you are guessingI’ll be there around 5 o’clock.The BBC broadcasts around 2,000 radio dramas every year.somewhere/something in the region of formal about – used with very large numbers or amountsLast year he earned something in the region of $60 million.It costs somewhere in the region of £100,000 to train a new doctor.or so informal about – used after a period of time, a number, or an amountThe journey takes an hour or so.circa /ˈsɜːkə $ ˈsɜːr-/ formal about – used with dates a long time ago in the pastThe house was built circa 1530.or more used after a number or amount, when the total may be a lot moreA thirty-second commercial can cost £60,000 or more.upwards of more than a number or amountThe aircraft can carry upwards of 400 passengers.
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