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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaptapt /æpt/ ●○○ adjective  1 be apt to do something2 RIGHT/PROPERexactly right for a particular situation or purpose syn appropriate ‘Love at first sight’ is a very apt description of how he felt when he saw her.apt for The punishment should be apt for the crime.3 an apt pupil/studentaptness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
aptGibson refers to NARA as an organization, but "social club" might be a more apt description.Mugezi's excremental duties are an apt metaphor for the punishing regime in which he finds himself trapped.Fahey was obviously an apt pupil.The former epithet is apt, the latter less so.In this situation professionals are most apt to allow their normal reserve about commerce to lapse, and to give meaningful information.And the more successful a company has been, the more difficult and painful this process is apt to be.When a moving object catches their attention, babies are apt to focus on it.She asks him to remember her, and he replies that he is more apt to forget anything else.And I am apt to nudge my boys to join me in folding the laundry while we watch a television show together.Shaw is like saltwater in the face and Margaret was apt to splutter.apt descriptionIn 1955, Gibson formally dubbed it an organization, though social club might have been a more apt description.The manual suggests that you move the carriage as if ironing and this is a very apt description.We were travelling along the Lofoten Wall, an apt description for the mountains protecting this huge sea fjord.This time, the term attenuation band is an apt description of each range of frequency.More than half of them said it tastes like melted-down bubble gum, which is an apt description of Josta.There could not be a more apt description of this mountain in miniature.
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