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aquiline nose

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaquiline noseaquiline noseHBHa nose with a curved shape like the beak of an eagle aquiline
Examples from the Corpus
aquiline noseHe was in his early thirties with dark skin and a long face from which protruded a sharp, aquiline nose.In my mind's eye I see him as he was, complete with bowler-hat and aquiline nose.She watched Luke read it, saw the gathering frown carve two grooves over his aquiline nose.The older woman had a lean face, a long neck, and an aquiline nose.A medallion in Hughes Hall portrays her with short hair, an aquiline nose, and a determined chin.But he had a thinnish face, with an aquiline nose and really black hair.It was a tall man with an aquiline nose and thick dark hair.At an upstairs window they present a life size dummy head: firm jaw, aquiline nose, shining complexion.
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