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arablear‧a‧ble /ˈærəbəl/ adjective  TACrelating to growing crops arable farming arable land (=land that is suitable for growing crops)
Examples from the Corpus
arableAltogether cereals account for 54 percent. of the total arable area.Each family is provided with 3.5 ha of land of which 1 ha is used for rain-fed arable crops.Accountants Touche Ross estimated that the increase in the price of diesel would add about £1 an acre to arable farming costs.The potential economic damage is not restricted to arable farming.Moreover, the arable land is more suited to collective as opposed to subsistence farming.Enclosure Only half the arable land was still open fields in 1700.Part of the arable soil still lies fallow.In consequence, enclosure of arable was now creating more social problems than it could solve.
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